Catering Service

Whether its an Anniversary, Birthday, Business Function or another Event, Dom Bacalhau Restaurant will provide exceptional services to you and your guests offering a large variety of i Portuguese food.

Trust in the experience of Dom Bacalhau Team, and you can be confident that your event will be a memorial one. ​ Our food is always plentiful and great tasting. ​ Prepared with a high professional level, the Team Dom Bacalhau have the know-how to bring at your table the best flavours from the typical Portuguese ingredients. From the bestsellers dishes from Codfish till the most simple starters very appreciate in any moment of the day.

Main dishes examples

Codfish á  Brás

Codfish á Gomes  de 


Codfish with  Piri-Piri

Codfish with fresh cream

- Codfish with Clams


Codfish á  Algarvia


Codfish á  Braga

​ Starters


Codfish salad with chickpea


Tuna Salad with chickpea


Grilled fumed sausage


Shrimps from the Chef


Codfish cakes and many other, that's only an example to give you one idea about our menu en service.

Do you need extra information about our catering service. Please get in contact with us in any moment.

Phone: +31 (0) 255 745 034